Transition Your Style into Spring

Spring it on…

Posted March 20, 2017

This time of year, sometimes temperatures can be a little wonky. As the weather goes from chilly or rainy (or snowy!) to suddenly sunny, we can transition into lighter materials and colors to help bring on the spring. As soon as you see that glimmer of nice-ish weather, start revamping your closet with some of these adorable outfit updates.

Lighten Things Up

An easy way to survive this transitional season is simply switching to a lighter jacket. Instead of your chunky down coat, go for a blazer, bomber, or trench coat, allowing you to look classically cool and still stay warm. Leather jackets are also a safe bet; they never go out of style and can work with almost anything. Follow the same change-up routine with your shoes, swapping your clunky winter boots for sleeker over-the-knee styles or beige booties.

Show off Some Ankle

Short sleeves right now are a bit of a gamble, especially if there’s a blizzard going on where you live! And even in the nicest climates (we are looking at you, LA and Miami), the weather is often windy and cloudy in March. Take things slow by going for pieces that show a little skin without making you seem seasonally clueless. Cropped or cuffed jeans offer just the right amount of ankle flashing while keeping you at the perfect temperature. Cold-shoulder sweaters and tops are also a trendy way to show a hint of skin and welcome the spring.

Soften Your Colors

Being weather-appropriate also comes down to color. Store away your charcoals and burgundies for something a little softer-looking. Go for sweaters and long sleeves in cream, red, mauve, blush, or light ash gray. And if the weather’s treating you really nicely, you can get away with pastel shades. But whatever you do, never abandon black – it's always in style, rain or shine!

Refresh Your Accessories

The in-between season also means changing up your accessories! Store away your heavy black leather handbags and swap in some lighter options. A cream, blush, or taupe crossbody or purse makes the ideal go-to, as these neutral shades are easy to rock with any outfit. Or, add a cashmere or cotton cream scarf to your outfit and your winter-to-spring look is well on its way!

With these easy outfit adjustments, you'll be seasonally on point and always comfortable. So while you're waiting for the sky to shed some sunshine on your life, get a head start on preparing for spring and step up your style.

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